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Randall Bartlett

Born and raised in Mobile, AL, I spend many of my weekends hunting in the swamps of South Alabama or "bottoms" as my dad called them and fishing from the pier on Dauphin Island, navigating the shallow waters of Mobile Bay and trying to fool a bass or two in the rivers and creeks that feed into the many bays of Mobile and Baldwin County. During the weekdays I showed up for high school, but I wasn't really interested in learning, but by the grace of God I somehow finished high school and made my way to Auburn University where I studied Industrial Design. That is no small miracle. 

I remember my 3rd grade teacher asking me to draw a house on the blackboard and I drew the front and side of the house in a “fabricated” perspective - not knowing she was looking for a "flat" front view. That’s what I saw in my mind; a three-dimensional object. My teacher complimented me and planted the seed for the love of art. I have loved art all my life.  I’ve spent most of my adult years designing products and teaching industrial design at Auburn University. Being able to draw has served me well, especially drawing in perspective.  As a designer, sketching is how we communicate our ideas and solve product design problems. Industrial Design is the field of designing products for mass productions with a focus on user interface.  In the product design arena, I've managed to have my name listed on 20+ US Patents...for whatever that's worth.

As a full-time educator I haven’t taken a lot of time to paint, but in the fall of 2014 my interest sparked and I committed some late evenings awakening my passion for art. Watercolors have always intrigued me and I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, styles and subjects.  Landscapes, especially oceans, lakes, rivers and streams have always been of interest. 

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