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Greg Brown

Gregory Brown is an adjunct professor at Troy University and has been teaching Art Appreciation/Visual Art since Fall of 2004. His academic qualifications include a BFA degree in Visual Design from Auburn University, 1970 and an MFA degree in Painting and Drawing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1978.  He also teaches at Auburn University at Montgomery as adjunct professor beginning Spring of 1998 and later from 2003 to present. His teaching experience there includes the courses Art Appreciation, Art History, Foundations I, Sculpture and Drawing I and II. Recently, in 2003 and 2004, he has also taught as adjunct professor of Art History at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. In 2005 and 2006 he has taught at Alabama State University in Montgomery as adjunct professor of Art Appreciation. He has been involved with several organizations and art galleries over the years including West Hubbard Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, Phyllis Needlman Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, Artifex Rex Group in Montgomery, Alabama and The Montgomery Art Guild. Some of his awards include E. Garrison Prize at The Art Institute of Chicago Vicinity Show 1978, Best of Category in Sculpture, Regions Bank Show 1999, First Prize Alabama National Fair Art Guild of Montgomery Show 1993, Third Prize Alabama National Fair Art Guild of Montgomery Show 1995 as well as being represented often in the Montgomery area major exhibitions, such as The Montgomery Art Guild Museum Exhibition at Montgomery Museum of Fine Art.

His work represents an interest in representative style with his linocut multicolor prints and also a more instinctive abstract style with his spontaneous and colorful photomontage paper mache animals such as dinosaurs, alligators and lizards along with a variety of papier mache masks. There are times when he wishes to express his more disciplined approach to creative art with representative landscapes done in linocut prints and there are times when he releases his instinctive and freer side in the whimsical papier animals and masks that he creates. Both sides are important and there is a special time period set aside for the expression of each.


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