We take pride in being a single permanent operation in order to better focus on our Auburn community, and strive to outsource as many of our products from local vendors and craftsmen (and women!). Our goal is to be a common ground for people from all walks of life, as well as an information hub for our community, while serving an uncompromisingly quality product.



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Madeline Wilder

Maddie, the fearless leader: Maddie, mother of one human toddler, is the dedicated owner of the fabulous Coffee Cat. In her (rare) moments of free time, she enjoys painting, playing the piano, chasing her toddler around the house, rearranging her furniture, cooking, listening to records, re-rearranging her furniture and spending time with her loved ones. Born and raised in Grady, Alabama, Maddie relocated to Auburn in 2010, and found herself in a partnership with local coffee roaster and barista extraordinaire, Sarah Barnette Gill of Mama Mocha's Coffee Emporium and Roasters. As life would have it, Maddie separated from Mama Mocha's in 2014 and started The Coffee Cat, still proudly serving Mama Mocha's superb product! She values creativity, perseverance and honesty. She's cool. Buy coffee from her.


Nathan Coker

Nathan Coker is an Auburn native at the ripe age of 24 (goin' on 25 yall). Currently finishing up his Bachelors in Fine Arts, Natey is mostly concerned with expressing himself via painting, drawing, and music making. When away from the espresso bar, Nate likes to question whether he enjoys 'Nate' or 'Nathan' better as his preferred name. Traveling the peaks and valleys of his own mind, The Natey C cruiseliner conductor shouts "all aboard!" welcoming any and all weary travelers to introduce themselves, as cruises are no fun alone. Howdy, I'm Nate-than.


Aaron Scobie

Some may call him 'great'. Others may say 'unbelievable', He thinks of himself as 'well'. Aaron is Coffee Cat's dastardly, striving, starving, sadboy poet. He slings a mean cup of Joe and loves his cat Ella.


Jordan Rogers

Jordan is a demasiado rapido barista with a love of bold coffees, anything medicine, and all things nature. If you can find him, you usually find him behind the bar, reading, or camping. Wherever he goes, a can of espresso, preferably Cafe Bustelo, can be found in his pack. 


Austin Arias

The most mysterious of all of the Coffee Cat baristas. In fact, he's so mysterious that nobody is sure when he got hired. Or if he ever actually got hired. Wait a minute... does this guy even work here?


Andrew Wilson

Andrew is a student at Auburn, addicted to cappuccinos, and is probably a bit too obsessed with soccer. He loves cooking and getting to know people and he'll pour milk into coffee. 


Austin Bell

Austin is a student at Auburn studying Visual Media. When not at coffee cat, he is passionate about photography and spends most of his time behind the lens. Any long amount of free time he gets will be spent traveling the world. You will be able to recognize him as the one who is always wearing a black hat.

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